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Contradicting Fat people

So, you think you're not fat?

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This is the page where we'll discuss all the fat issues.

You've probably heard that people are getting fatter and fatter as the years go by. It's like some kind of conspiracy.. one company makes the chocolate, and all that tastey crap we eat, while the other (the news etc.) try to get us to stop getting fat, hinting (but not telling us) to use slim-fast and buy all there gym equipment. You see, all these companies and businesses work together as a team, to consume all our money. Money, speaking of money, who here knows sombody who works in a money factory? No, me neither. I bet they're all super rich, they steal all the money that is manufactured, and spend it on lots of luxurious crap, still including chocolate, adding them to the big percentage of fat people in the MEDCs (More ecinomical developed countries). We're all probably getting fat every second.. how? The air pollution, my theory is that the fossilists/oil derreck people add fat crap to our petrol, so we buy it, and when it burns, creates fat-fumes that linger our planet even today.

So why do we have so many fat fuckers these days then? Chocolate is a drug. The Government don't want you to know that though. They also don't what you to know that it stores fat in your brain, decreases your IQ, and that at least 3 insect legs are accidently included in the making of single, small chocolate bars. All the crappy food i've seen today.. i'd say they've all got some small dosage of addictive ingredient in them. Healthy foods are scams to get some more money from those people who finally beat the drug and decided to stop being fat. But nobody is "not fat". You're all fat. Even the famous models.

We all have our opinions.. mine is: You're fat.