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Contradicting Fat people


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Here you'll get a taste (unfortunately not literal) of other people's opions, suggestions, and contributions, an excellent oppertunity for all!

Friendly lard chap: Alex "Melvin Harris"

Local MSN foe Melvin Harris, has an epicly developed site, cocerning his major weight gain he has put on since the time of his birth. He continually gains weight, and refuses to co-operate along weight-loss programmes. Check his site out ( for a large bundle of fat goods. Some quotes from our friend:

Hi, my name is Melvin Harris and I am clinically obese. Hospital food combined with those tasty MRSA snacks I keep finding have teamed up to treble my body weight. The MRSA doesn't seem to agree with me though - I will be back to simple fatness by tonight as I have got diarrhoea of the rump and my turds are as big as my gut. I've also broken the flusher and my arse is wet. I'm having power-dumps!

[Fatness Corp comment]: Some excessive information there; what would there be without power-dumps? I tend to call them Dino-dumps, but any name among the lines is my cup of tetley. Good old MRSA, eh?

We all have our opinions.. mine is: You're fat.