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Contradicting Fat people

The World as it excists today

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The world today.. who would've imagined.. High tech machinery, unlimited food suplies, jobs. I've always wondered how cool it would be to go back in time to like.. the stone age, and show them all our fancy shit. They'd be like :O! Anyway, getting down to my point.. I can't stant how people behave today, it really pisses me off, there's nothing we can do about it. For instance: We have manners.. why? WHY do we have manners? Obviously we'd be gracious if somebody did a good deed for us.. or they wouldn't do it in the first place would they? So there's no need for "Thanks" or "Thank you". Lazy bastards even shortened it, if we was going to use it, at least say "I thank you for <what ever the cunt did>".

"Sorry" has no meaning, if you really mean it, your emotions would make it obvious to the victim in the first place. I'd say that 90% of things people say (unless on a job) have NO point in saying at all. This has developed over many many years. Examples are: "Good morning, did you sleep well cupcakes?" Lets break this up. "Good morning" what sort of gesture is this? You're basically saying 'have a good morning'. But WHY? WHY would you say 'have a good morning'? Is it some kind of spell that makes their day go well? Or is it meant to say that you care about them? Wouldn't it be obvious if you cared about them? Secondly: "Did you sleep well" ... Why would you want to know this? Are you trying to get inside their head?.. or maybe it's to ibce again show you care? They would know you care! And what if the person said "No" to the question? Then what would you do? (Probably go "awww, looks like somebody needs cheering up) which AGAIN has NO point to it. A second example of this is "Alright mate, how's it hanging?" Let's break this one up too. "Alright mate" long terms meaning 'are you alright, friend?' Why would we want to know this piece of information? If it's said each time you see your friend from scenario to scenario then we might as well say when we see eachother: "Hello, I feel <emotions>, I want to <thing they want to do>, I have done today <important things they have done>" everytime they see eacher. Next factor: "How's it hanging".. longterm: 'how is it hanging'. How is WHAT hanging?? It sounds rude.. but shockingly it's used casually to friends. I would round it up to 'how are you doing', which leads back to my last example so I won't bother with this one.

My next "world factor" is flirting. Why do people flirt? Yes, we all know, to impress somebody so then they can go out with you, then maybe have a family with you. I would say flirting is rather cheeky. It's basically picking out everything you're good at, and putting it in action towards the person you want to impress (shoving it in their face). Why don't you just go up to the person, say "Hello, my name is <name>, this is what I am good at <info>, this is what I like <info>, this is how I was brought up <info>" Then they either say "I will go out with you" or "I will not go out with you". It makes MUCH more sence doesn't it? One reason for this is fear.. we've developed fear from being critisised in things we do wrong with bullshit, instead of being reinforced on how WELL we are doing.

Another factor: SARCASM. (Coming soon)

We all have our opinions.. mine is: You're fat.