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Contradicting Fat people

School vs. Mr Human rights

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School. Maybe this word is coded? Let's try to break it down.

S super

C crap

H helpers

O overwhelm

O our

L lads/lasses.

Well, that's basically saying, teachers of low training fill our heads with the governments teachings. They don't want us to know what they know. School is like a prison. For the first 12 years of your life, you have no choice of where you want to go on Mondays to Fridays from hours of normally 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. How many days could that possibly add up to? How many hours?

Now we've got that out the way.. let's discuss our issues we have.


Why bother? We don't have a choise in most schools. It's another scam which indulses money for schools to provide facilities such as computers, chairs, etc. It is a rule which abides your appearance rights. I personally don't like uniform. It makes me feel tacky. I don't feel myself, and tend to act abnormally in these circumstances. It's "supposed" to make us look good, and give the school a good reputation. It even fools all the adults who are not employed in the world of schooling education (teaching), who do not know it is a subliminal scam of money.


This is clearly inhumane. Supposedly we went on an experiment to sue every school known to man. All we would need to do to change this rule worldwide, would be to starve ourselves for a few days, come into a lesson and ask if you can eat.. say.. a "dairy milk chicken pack". The teacher says "no". You then pass out quietly over a period of time. This shouldn't kill you, but would then shock parents, then go onto the news, and change history. The main reason to not be able to eat in classes is simple: Teachers don't want the hassle to clean up afterwards.. could this really compare with a change of starvation?


This is what really annoys me. The way teachers act. I knew some tachers a few years ago in the humanities departments. They would say for instance.. if you was chewing gum and they cought you: "Thank you for putting you gum in the bin", or if you was talking: "Thank you for not talking". This alerted me that some action was to be taken. The next time this happens, you should say "That's okay" and continue what you are doing, or "Have you skipped your medication?"

4) Shouting and spitting

What should be against human rights is shouting at a student. This can cause fear, emotional distress, discomfort, bring back memories, emotionally scar you for life, cause a breakdown, or take years off your life. It is again, inhumane to be shouted at. YOU should be allowed to shout back. Do NOT be afraid of shouting back, it will make them think about action to be taken, they cannot harm you (without being sued) and should not be allowed to complain about it. If they spit in your face unintendidly, brew up a giant spit ball, launch it in their face, and say nothing, whilest standing there, grinning. See what happens, you could make money out of it.


If we're unable to argue with the teachers to express our opinions against the teachers' transactions then there is no point in the teacher shouting at the student. The only reason they do it is to get paid. They don't care what happens, they do what they are paid to do, and will take unintended action in things that put them out of there comfort zone, which is there weakness where you can find an opportunity to get them sued. Teachers will find a way to help as little as possible, as long as they are following the contract. All teachers i've know who did bad jobs (swore, threw chairs etc.) wheren't sued. This is because they intendidly put fear into us subliminally. This should NOT be stood for and needs action due course.


Sure, most of us (aged 4-25 ish) got our friends from school, we need to behave "cool" to get friends. But after this is acheived.. you're then "popular" and at school everybody wants you to be all chatty. REMEMBER school is a prison, this is a place where you learn, not have fun, outside of school (leasure time) is when you talk and have fun. Once the "off switch" is.. err.. off.. you meet new people you want as friends, which is then hard to get back into "cool" mode. This muddles your emotions and therefore if you know school is just for learning, people will think (who you're not good mates with) you're quiet.

We all have our opinions.. mine is: You're fat.