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Contradicting Fat people

The Rival

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This is the story, of the battle between fat.

This story was inspired by the beauty of lard.

So it was the beginning of a sweet, sweet story told, of me, the fat lardiest lard in the phase of the lardy planet, lard.. sorry, i mean Earth. That we enter the precence of me sunbathing.. not on the beach of course, I'm too fat to get to that location. But there was a sunroof over my whole body (which of course costed me thousands of pounds due to my body mass area). This did not come with the house, I had a special customised order towards it. With the immaculate sweat, pouring from my rolls, appeared in some way, of what to be darkish. It was later subconsiously told to me, that I had not washed for 7 years, due to my overweight.. which was, yes, of course, my dirty flab, building up dirt. I lived up in my miniature castle, up on the vallies, with a fat view of something I can't remember, as I have not left my house for decades, and I feed on earth worms, and soily-like meat, deployed by stray squirrels lurking around my castle. (Continued once I have gained 14 stones, A.K.A tomorrow)

We all have our opinions.. mine is: You're fat.