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Here are my animations that i drew and animated. The top few suck, but they get better nearer to the bottom. Most of these are like really old and stuff but the bottom ones are newer. I've recently got a lot better now, so all i need is effort if i can be assed, got a graphics tablet so might as well. I'll make proper animations soon (probably next year or so). 3D Sheep below :D


The Spike

Power Blast


Bungee Jumping

The Fight

Ninja Death Jump

A Bug Story?

Battle - Episode 1

Battle - Episode 2

Battle - Episode 3

Guard Slice

Brick Cliff

The Dot

Speed Bump

Monkay Monkay

Operation stealth (improved - big file)

Blob Battle

Ninja Stick

Ninja Kick

Block man

Monkey Water (tester only)

Bring it

Target Dude

Chainsaw man

Angry Jesus

Gooie Man

Food Maker

Sky Diving

Food Maker 2

Stick kill Interactive

The Silencer (Demo)

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